SBOE Agency File Uploader – MASSFILE2.EXE

General Info and Download

In order to aid agents who wish to upload "bulk" type filings of several parcels included in a data file, SBOE has written a special uploader program, MASSFILE2.EXE. This is a fairly simple dialog uploader program which looks like this in it's newest version:

Massfile2.EXE offers several advantages in uploading information and is a straightforward program to use. Click on any of the links in this page to download it:

DOWNLOAD MASSFILE2.EXE in a WINZIP compatible ZIP format.
To obtain an free evaluation version of WINZIP, go to this site (useful utility).

To keep things simple Massfile2.EXE is a basic program. Create a new directory to save it to and, if you wish, create a shortcut to it from your desktop. Massfile2.EXE will not add itself to your windows Start Menu or Registry, so keep track of where you put it. If you lose track of it you can always download it again.

When you run Massfile2 you will notice a simple dialog which allows you to enter various information about the upload, along with a mechanism to allow you to select your data file containing your multiple parcels to file. Note that you must be connected to the internet via modem or proxy (either is fine) to actually send the file.

Massfile2 supports three file types for bulk files to SBOE.