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Proprty Tax Agents if you have not created your profile in the new application please do so. . We have added new features which you may find very useful; i.e. a statistics link. You can send questions to [email protected] or call 602-364-1611 and we will assist you.

If you only have occasional web access you can still access our web page to get information (e.g. at Kinko's), see notes on getting web results below.

Those agents with emails should have been receiving automated info for any petitions they filed in the last several months. :

Help, my email looks like goobledygook!

Some agents have complained that the information they received is in an unreadable format. If this is happening it is because your email program does not support html and you are seeing the raw html without it being translated into an easy to read format.

We decided to use html for several reasons, one of which was to allow "hotlinks", that is, to allow a mechanism for our notice of decision automated sendings that would let you link directly to the details for each petition by just clicking on the parcel number. This sort of thing requires html. Most modern email programs support html and it was a forward looking decision, as in the near future this will be standard.

However, this has caused problems with people running legacy email programs, i.e. old versions of AOL, Groupwise, etc. We currently are encouraging people whenever possible to update their email viewer program to a more current version that supports html. Netscape Messenger (in the Netscape suite) is available for free ( and supports html, internet mail in Windows 95 and 98 supports html. Eudora is an excellent program also and there are others. Most newer versions of your existing program probably support it also, unless it is a discontinued program or one without a newer version.

Yes. All of the info sent via the automated email notices can be obtained from our web site. Go to the main page and click on "Agent Lookups" option. Follow the logic to get notice of hearing and notice of decision information. Some of the lookups take awhile we are looking at ways to optimize it.


For best results use the "Agent Lookups" rather than the "Parcel Lookups" (options off the main page). The parcel lookups are being redone and may contain some glitches as of 11/98 whereas the agent lookups have been thoroughly debugged.

Questions and Comments

Feel free to send questions or comments

[email protected]

Any questions please email us at [email protected].

Thank you very much for your cooperation and support!