Board Members

The State Board of Equalization consists of forty-one members. Twenty-one are appointed by the Governor (a Chairman, ten members from Maricopa County and ten from Pima County). These members serve five-year terms. Members appointed by the Governor hear and decide both centrally valued property and locally assessed property. Property valued by the Department of Revenue is referred to as centrally valued (CV) property. Property valued by the local assessors' office is referred to as locally assessed. 

The remaining twenty members are appointed by the Maricopa and Pima County Boards of Supervisors (two by each Supervisor). They serve terms concurrent with the appointing Supervisors and at the pleasure of the Supervisors. These "county appointed" members only hear locally assessed property. 

Members must have "work experience and other qualifications" in property valuation, appeals, appraisal or condemnation. A member of the Board cannot hold any other state or local public office that interacts with this Board. 

The Board meets as necessary to hear and decide property owners' appeals of property valuations set by the Pima and Maricopa County Assessors and the Department of Revenue. The Chairman's position is full-time. Complete information can be obtained by reading Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S.) § 42-16151  

The Board of Equalization operates under Board Rules established by law. 

State Board of Equalization 

Governor Appointees 
George Shook, Interim Chairman Phoenix (Brewer) 1-17-2011
Lester G. Abrams Maricopa County (Brewer) 1-16-2017 
Mary Z. Chandler Maricopa County (Brewer) 1-21-2019 
Michael EbertPima County (Brewer) 1-16-2017
Susan Fair Maricopa County (Brewer) 1-18-2016 
Michael Galloway Maricopa County (Brewer) 1-16-2017 
Charles HalePima County (Brewer) 1-16-2017
Roger Heckel Maricopa County (Brewer) 1-16-2017
Gary L. Hiner Maricopa County (Brewer) 1-16-2017 
Vacant Maricopa County (Ducey) 1-16-2022
Ted SitterleyPima County (Brewer) 1-20-2014
Dan SwangoPima County (Brewer) 1-21-2019
Bradley TebowMaricopa County (Brewer) 1-16-2017
Victor ThorntonPima County (Brewer) 1-21-2019
Maricopa County Supervisor Appointees 
Jared D. Kleinman District 1 (Barney
Darryl Jacobson-Barnes District 1 (Barney
Ryan Melzer District 2(Chucri)
Jack Khoury District 2(Chucri)
Ron Gawlitta District 3 (Kunasek
Jay Ruffner, Jr. District 3 (Kunasek
Stephen Haig District 4(Hickman
Joseph Propati District 4(Hickman
Vacant District 5(Wilcox)
Janice Alderson District 5(Wilcox)
Pima County Supervisor Appointees 
George H. GarciaDistrict 1 (Ally Miller
Jeffrey PatchDistrict 1 (Ally Miller
William BrownDistrict 2  (Ramon Valadez
Jill MarateaDistrict 2  (Ramon Valadez
Rosalie RoszakDistrict 3  (Sharon Bronson)
Beverly WeissenbornDistrict 3  (Sharon Bronson)
Thomas Naifeh District 4 (Steve Christy
Shaun McClusky District 4 (Steve Christy
Peter PearmanDistrict 5  (Richard Elías)
Joseph F. KochDistrict 5  (Richard Elías)
State Board Staff
George Shook Chief Clerk of the Board / Analyst / Appraiser / Hearing Officer
Vacant Business Manager / Accounting / Administration
Vacant Analyst / Appraiser / Hearing Officer
Victor Hartsfield Analyst / Appraiser / Hearing Officer
April Rope Appeal Processing / Scheduling
Vacant/Unfunded Appeal Processing / Scheduling